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Partnerships - Safety

When we care for those that have lived a good long life, the families come together in remembrance of a life well lived. But in our profession, sometimes what we see is the worst of the worst. A life that is taken prematurely brings the greatest of grief and sorrow.


If we can be at all instrumental in stopping the harm or death of our community members, we will! Our approach to accomplish this task is first, to educate! Teaming with police and fire departments, nationally acclaimed safety experts, and with Dignity Memorial Smart and Safe Living specialists, we deliver messages of safety and preparation taught in 10, 1 hour classes. They are:


1. Dignity Memorial Escape School - (2 formats: 1. for Parents only, and 2. for Parents and their Children) – a class on abduction teaching to remove fear and be proactive by knowing what abduction is, how to avoid it, and what to do if it happens.

2. Home Invasion – making your home a place of safety and a fortress against the invader.

3. Fire and Burn Safety – overcoming the myths of fire and burns, what to do to have a safer home, and how to survive if you become a victim.

4. Safety While Out and About – covering everything from purse snatching to car jacking, being safe while away from home.

5. Safety While Traveling – how to be safe while traveling, domestically and abroad.

6. Cons and Scams – what is a con or scam, a con artist, the anatomy of a con, how to spot a con and how to put a stop to it.

7. Identity Theft – how it is done, what you can do to not become a victim, and what you must do if you become one.

8. Heat Safety – understanding the heat index and the true risks of heat related illnesses, and what you can do to avoid these, as well as what to do if one becomes a victim.

9. Disaster Preparation for the Community – why survival first begins at home, and why reliance must branch forth onto the neighbor and immediate community requiring them to come together in preparation against life threatening events.

10. Disaster Preparation for the Professional – taking the preparation class one step further when taught to professional organizations and care institutions by instructing the proper care of the deceased (in what one would need to do if their facility were required to become a morgue).

In addition to this education, and in effort to meet higher safety needs of our community members, we offer:

1. Family Emergency Response Program – if you or a loved one is ever involved in an accident, this free program is designed to inform your family and friends of the event, so they can get to your bedside within 1 – 2 hours. In some cases this may mean the difference between seeing family alive, or not.

2. Away From Home Protection Plan – the participants in this one time low-charge protection plan are guaranteed; while traveling outside of 75 miles from home, (anywhere in the world) – if their death were to occur, they would be prepared and brought back home at no charge.


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