Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Partnerships - Making Fond & Everlasting Memories

As families gather to make final arrangements for a loved one passed away, we have found that stories and photos become the greatest of all treasures. But all too often, there are regrets surrounding stories forgotten, genealogies not kept, and memories lost.

We take a stand against these sorrows while increasing quality of life by striving to get families and folks together to share, organize and record these stories, photos, voices and memories, before death – while they are still together and able to share in these living memories and experiences.

1. Scrapbook Workshops – traveling and facility sponsored workshops complete with all the materials, you bring the photos.

2. Senescence – a series of 5 facilitated events assisting families in pulling together and organizing the records, stories, recipes, photos, and voices – from childhood through the golden years, and make these fond memories of life “everlasting.”

3. Genealogy 101 – get your Family History started in this 1 hour workshop using the 6 basic steps of family history research, and by filling in your pedigree charts and family group records.


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