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Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Partnerships - Honoring Our Heroes

To remember those that serve to protect us, those who work to keep us healthy, and those that help us at our darkest hours of need – and that we may never forget those who have stood in our defense; we stand in partnership side by side with all of our community members in honoring our heroes.

There are those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for the liberty of them who desire to be free, and there are those at home that have given the same for the safety and preservation of life of their community members. For all of these, we humbly give:

1. The Public Servants Program – any officer or fire fighter that dies in the line of duty we will care for at no cost, that those left behind are not required to carry this added burden.

2. Law Enforcement Memorial Day Luncheon and Service – every May 13th we join our country in remembrance of our fallen Police Officers, and in appreciation for those that continue to serve.

3. The Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall – a traveling ¾ scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, traveling to Dignity Memorial Cemeteries throughout the country in honor of all U.S. veterans.

4. The Homeless Veterans Program – for those veterans that are truly homeless at the time of their passing we desire to give the proper services and burial with the dignity that they deserve.

5. The VFW Seminar – our alliance with the VFW in bringing to it’s many members the education and program to assist them in preplanning their end of life affairs.

6. The American Legion Seminar – in kind to the VFW alliance.

7. Veterans Day Program – honoring all of our Veterans.

8. Memorial Day Weekend Event – held at our Dignity Memorial Parks and Cemeteries to honor all of the heroes in our care.


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