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Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Partnerships - Grief Management & After Care

We see day in and day out the grief that falls on families, friends, and community members at the loss of a loved one.

To help people manage this grief we provide tools, programs and classes.

1. Picking Up the Pieces – award winning publications on Grief Management available at no charge at any Dignity Memorial Network Provider.

2. Grief Management Library – a selection of materials from the Picking up the Pieces series gathered into a single display box and placed at private and public locations for use by all who need it (box is placed and followed up with minimum of 1 time a month maintenance and restock visits).

3. Grief Management Library Training – training management and staff on utilizing the library for maximum results and service.

4. Talking Through Your Grief – from “Picking up the Pieces”, a series of grief management classes with open discussions to assist family and friends through their most difficult time.

5. Grief Management for the Care Giver – a facilitated class and discussion for the professional care giver on grief at the loss of a client.

6. L.I.F.T. (Living Information For Today) – a facilitated gathering of widows and widowers sharing in the experiences of their loss and grief, and helping each other through these very difficult times.

7. Teleconference – Hospice Foundation of America exists to help those who cope personally with terminal illness, death, and the process of grief and bereavement. Each year HFA broadcasts a teleconference focusing on a chosen grief topic, and ways we can best support the grieving on how to cope. Included is a book newly published for the event combining academic research with hands on ideas for use in support groups, as well as other settings. After the broadcast of the national panel portion, a local panel discussion moderated by Dignity Memorial associates is held. Each year we host this great event providing location and materials to benefit the grieving.


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