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Partnerships - End of Life Affairs

This is what we do best; care for families in making preparations for, and performing the tasks required at time of final disposition of those that have departed from us.

When it comes time to make final arrangements, we continually experience the difference between a family who has in advance prepared for that day, and the family who waited until that day to act, and it is day and night! The family that waits has to make enormous emotional and financial decisions at what very well may be the worst day of their life! As a result, the decisions are often not the decisions they would have made if they had taken the time before hand to discuss and plan together. The family that has prepared can grieve, and share in the memory of their loved one uninhibited on the day they are called to do so.

To remove this additional sadness and to help people prepare, we reach out again through education. We eliminate myth, misinformation, and concern from topics often considered “taboo”, and empower the individual and the family to make decisions that are informed, wise, and together!

1. Planning Ahead for All The Right Reasons – an introduction to pre-planning funeral and cemetery or cremation and memorialization, designed to help those who have been thinking about entering the preparation process to go ahead and take the right steps, and for those who have not thought about it to begin.

2. Finishing Strong – covering the three main topics in end of life decision making: Estate Planning, Medical Care Directives, and Preplanning or Prearranging a Funeral (tools are also offered in this class to help with Medical Care Directives and Preplanning).

3. Understanding Options and Making Wise Choices – a frank educational class and discussion covering all details about cremation, burial, memorialization, understanding expenses, etc.

4. End of Life Preparation Workshop – a 4-hour educational and paperwork workshop where attendees can become prepared, literally walk out educated and preplanned, in a setting that is safe and comfortable.

In addition to education, and in effort to meet specific funeral needs of groups within our communities, we offer:

1. The Gold Star Program – unique to serving the needs of faith organizations, and opening communications between them and the funeral professional.

2. The Employee Bereavement Benefit Program – available to the employer to add to their employee benefit package.


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