Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Partnerships - Community Development & Service

Finally, our last partnership is to add to the constant efforts of so many in developing closer, stronger, and more united communities.

We do this in three ways; 1st making our facilities available to our communities when a place of meeting is needed, 2nd forming alliances with groups that have like goals as to the partnerships above, and 3rd meeting the need when possible as needs arise.

1. Access to us and our facilities – as groups form for community causes we wish to make available the use of our facilities as meeting halls with provision that a funeral service is not scheduled at that time.

2. Events at our facilities – all the classes and events above are provided to groups in their own facilities, but also are held regularly at our facilities where all community members are welcome to attend. In addition to regular classes, and in addition to events regarding the Honoring of our Heroes, there are many annual events held at our Memorial Parks.

3. Easter Sunrise Service – Dignity Memorial Parks and Cemeteries annual Easter Sunrise services are open to all community members, as well as to all churches and their congregations.

4. Christmas Candlelight Service – as with our Easter Sunrise Services all community members, all families that have given us the honor to care for their loved ones, and all churches with their congregations are welcome.

5. Clergy Golf Tournament – an annual “thank you” to the ‘heart’ of our communities, open to clergy of all Faiths.

6. Alliances – as we form alliances in our communities, we wish to make available our services to their people and partnerships, and in turn make their services available to ours.


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