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Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do now? Who do I call?

Call the funeral home immediately and we will guide you through the process. Bleitz Funeral Home can be reached at 206-282-5220.


What do I do when a death occurs?

Most deaths occur in health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes. If the death occurs outside of a health care institution the first task is to notify the authorities by simply calling 911. They will guide you through the next steps. At some time, the responding authorities or the staff of the health care facility will ask you which funeral home you wish to take care of your loved one.


Do you pick up my loved one?

Yes. Our associates will either come to a home, hospital, or nursing facility to pick up your loved one. If the person passed away at home, the medical examiner or county coroner has to be called to verify the death first. We will assist you with this notification, as well.


Do I need to come into the funeral home?

Yes. You will sit down with one of our dedicated staff members to decide the appropriate farewell for your loved one. At that time, the funeral director will also ask that you bring in additional items such as vital statistics information for death certificate, photograph for identification, clothing and information for service.


How long until I can pick up the cremated remains of my loved one?

It usually takes 7 to 10 business days to get the cremated remains back from our crematory. If you need to expedite this due to travel or another reason, we can speed up the process for a slight fee.


Do you have package deals that are just one price?

The final fee is dependent on what kind of tribute you want your loved one to have. We do have packages to assist in planning each person’s farewell to be as individual as their life.


Is a People’s Memorial Association membership still honored?

As of 2006, we are no longer associated with People’s Memorial because we wanted to offer families a full range of services. However, if a funeral has been pre-paid through Bleitz Funeral Home we will honor that arrangement in full.


What are honorariums for participants in the service?

Generally the clergy person, organist, or soloists are given something by the family for their participation in the service. The fees of the organist and vocalist range from $125 to $300. The clergy person’s fee usually ranges from $300 to $600.


Where do I get memorial books?

Some churches provide a service folder which relates brief biographical information about the deceased and the order of the service — be sure to inquire with the minister. Our funeral home offers a wide variety of memorial books, folders, and acknowledgement cards that can be chosen at the time of our meeting.


Who can participate in the service?

Discuss with your clergy person or speaker as to the order of service and what will take place. It is good to have family members or friends participate directly or indirectly. Family members and friends can write down recollections that the speaker can read. It makes the service much more personal.