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Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Creative Services

Bleitz Funeral takes pride in organizing services with special moments that are memorable to all who attend. These are just a few ideas for making your loved one’s service personalized.

Release of Doves

Doves are symbols of love, peace and unity. To some, the release of a single dove represents the loved one’s soul ascending into heaven.

Release of Butterflies

Release of butterflies symbolizes a free and happy spirit. Many such releases are of the beautiful and friendly Monarch butterfly.

Balloon Release*

Some families appreciate balloon releases because it allows loved ones, particularly children, to participate in the services. *Balloon releases must be conducted in accordance with local regulations.

Special Music

Special music such as bagpipes or a harp, or a selection of appropriate songs from your loved one’s favorite artists can be a moving tribute.

Special Scattering Ceremonies

Special scattering ceremonies for cremated remains are a special tribute. Bleitz Funeral coordinates with Ashes on Puget Sound.


Important: All states allow for the scattering of cremated remains, but scattering on private property is restricted without the consent of the property owner. Many national and state parks require permits for scattering, and although the U.S. government allows ocean scattering, it can be no closer than three miles to land.

Special Elements in Procession

Sometimes it’s appropriate to incorporate special elements into the procession, such as a loved one’s favorite motorcycle or car, or, for example, inviting their cycling club to lead the procession.

Motorcycles Escorts

Motorcycle escorts can be used for efficiency and extra safety especially when there is a long procession.

Keepsake Jewelry

Lovely pendants contain a small portion of your loved one next to your heart. Our beautiful pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in sterling silver and 14-karat gold are from Pacific and Traditions — some can even be engraved.

Thumbies®: Fingerprint Keepsakes

Thumbies® combine the best of modern scanning technology with the ancient art of wax casting. The creators of Thumbies® can work with prints from a variety of sources such as birth records, military papers, employment cards, etc. Available as pendants, bracelets, and cuff links, there are many choices as lasting memories of your loved one.


The LifeGem® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life. LifeGem® is molecularly identical to natural diamonds found at any high-end jeweler. If you desire an everlasting connection to the one you have lost, LifeGem® is for you. For further details, go to LifeGem® or ask your Bleitz Funeral director for a brochure.


LifeGem® is a registered trademark of International Research & Recovery Corporation

Thumbies® is a registered trademark of Meadow Hill Company, Inc.