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Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle

Cremation & Burial

Funeral and memorial services have evolved in recent years to include a much greater variety of options for honoring and celebrating lives. Bleitz Funeral can help you customize services that are as elaborate or simple as you desire, from catered events to quiet observances with family and close friends. Our mission is to ease the burden of the families we serve by guiding them through the process and ensuring their complete satisfaction.


As the passing of a loved one is observed, a visitation or viewing provides an opportunity for friends and family to pay their respects.


A visitation may involve the presence of the loved one in an open or closed casket or in an urn, with members of the immediate family present to greet those who come to offer condolences. A viewing allows friends to pay their respects with the casketed remains present, but may not include any family members in attendance.


In either case, a guest register will be available for signing, and items and memorabilia representing the decedent’s interests and personality may be on display.


In some cases, a memorial visitation may take place and involve a gathering of friends and family without the presence of the deceased person.

Funeral Service

The funeral service provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather in mutual support and sorrow to observe the passing of someone who has been important in their lives. This observance may be held in a church, temple, mosque, funeral home or other venue, such as a natural setting meaningful to the decedent.


Depending on religious or cultural customs, the service may sometimes continue at the cemetery. If the remains are not present, the gathering to honor someone who has died is called a memorial service.


Bleitz Funeral can advise you on the breadth of service options available and help you customize them to your satisfaction.

Graveside/Committal Service

As the term implies, graveside services are those held only at the place of disposition, rather than in a place of worship, funeral home or other final resting venue.


Committal services may be held at the graveside or another designated site within the cemetery, and may be a continuation of services begun at a funeral chapel or place of worship.

Family Gathering

Family gatherings involve friends and relatives joining together in mutual support when a death occurs.


Consider having a reception following the service at either the place of service or the family home. This affords that personal meeting and post-service contact. Light refreshments are usually served.