Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


Contact the National Veterans Administration at 800-837-1000. Any honorably discharged veteran is entitled to receive an American flag and grave marker. A copy of the military discharge papers must be provided to complete the necessary forms. Your Bleitz funeral director will assist you with a VA flag and the Presidential Certificate. The cemetery will assist you with the marker once you have provided the discharge information.


Under certain circumstances, the VA may reimburse a veteran’s family for some burial expenses. To be eligible to receive this monetary benefit, the deceased veteran must meet certain criteria. Currently, the veteran must have:


If the above criteria are met, the Bleitz funeral director will assist with an application to the VA to determine eligibility for benefits and reimbursement. The official web site is

Tahoma National Cemetery

18600 Southeast 240th Street, Kent, WA 98042- 4868




From the flag assembly area looking southward, Mt. Rainier is ever present. This is a magnificent setting for the final resting place of our nation's heroes, our veterans. The Public Information Center is manned totally by volunteers. These volunteers help the visitors that come to Tahoma National Cemetery with many questions and concerns. They also coordinate with cemetery personnel on the funeral corteges and getting the family to the correct shelter for the committal service.