Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


Bleitz Funeral Home of Seattle


The best method to obtain funeral home records is to write to us and provide as much information as possible, including (as best you know):

  • Name of deceased (mandatory)
  • The deceased’s death date (mandatory)
  • The deceased’s birth date
  • The next-of-kin who was likely in charge of arrangements
  • The name of the spouse (who may not have been in charge)
  • The names of children or immediate family (such as parents of a deceased minor)
  • A copy of your ID to identify who you are
  • A copy of the person’s death certificate if you have it
  • A copy of the person’s death certificate if you have it
  • We will provide as much information without compromising the privacy of the deceased, or their family. Information that dates as far back as 1905 to 2004 may be limited. If you want a copy of the death certificate you will be able to obtain a Certified Death Certificate with the county health department.


    Please provide us with a non-refundable fee of $15.00 that includes the services for obtaining the information, copies of the paperwork and the envelope and postage that the information will be sent back to you in.


    There is the possibility that the information that you are requesting may not be found in our records. We will respond to you regardless and it may take anywhere between 7-10 business days for us to process your request.